Carmen from CRIPPER – Chic le Strick has a great weakness for wool and colour.
She mainly knits and crochets accessories and attaches great importance to high-quality materials and good workmanship. Carmen creates her unique pieces on a manual knitting machine and sews each piece by hand. Her crochet and macrame work is all done by hand as well.
The individual pieces are designed in many different colours, regardless of current fashion trends - the color palette is simply too extensive.

litil Cripper Blumenampel Planthanger Wiesenblumen
Meet her
she is a former member


For her knitwear, Carmen prefers materials made from pure natural yarns such as merino wool, mohair wool and cotton. In her crochet work, Carmen uses very different materials, from neon yarn to fancy wool and recycled jersey fabric.
Depending on what feel or effect you want to achieve, Carmen will find a way.

She also designs other objects such as her commissioned puppet trophies for the Mo & Friese Children's Short Film Festival, crocheted cherries as tree decorations for the Textile Art Hiking Trail, princess crowns and viking helmets for the Carnival costumes of her children and the armchair covers for our shop. Carmen can do just about anything!



Carmen is always happy to pass on her knowledge. She leads knitting and crochet courses and is very happy about the keen interest in Handicrafts. In such fast-moving times, Carmen finds the deliberate slowness that handicrafts automatically entail very gratifying - you can work on a project for weeks and the reward is wonderful - being able to wear a piece of clothing made with your own hands!
The foundation of her passion for handicrafts was formed in primary school when she adorned her Monchichis (small, monkey-like dolls) with hand knitted, crocheted or sewn accessories. Everything from clothing to living and sleeping embellishments were made by Carmen. She later ventured into larger clothing and knitted or crocheted anywhere and anytime she could - even under the desk at school! For a long time, Carmen didn't realise that one could turn this passion into a profession. That is why she first took other paths through vocational training and studies, in order to then become self-employed as a knitting designer. Lucky for us!

Carmen knits beanies, scarves, leg warmers, headbands, shawls and wrist warmers. If you prefer, you can also chose your own color combination for an individual beanie and Carmen will knit it for you.
Carmen also crochets smaller pieces of jewellery, such as bracelets, necklaces, princess crowns, hair clips, hearts, rings, flowers or cherry decorations. Carmen is always up for a challenge, like knitting around an advent wreath or an armchair.  She even knits dolls now and then too!

Knitted jumpers and pants are planned in the near future.

Carmen's Range

Macrame Pot Holders, Arm bands, knitted Headbands, wrist warmers, scarves and beanies.

Litil CRIPPER Makramee Blumenampel
litil CRIPPER Stirnband Haarband
litil CRIPPER Mützen
litil CRIPPER Makramee Armband
litil CRIPPER Stulpen
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